Head Office
12-Siraj Park
Mominpura Road Darogawala
Lahore-54920 Pakistan
F:+92-42-36533655, M:+92-300-8889984

CNC Machining

We produce and supply one of the largest selections of high quality precision machined parts.Global Meccanica has extensive experience in precision machined parts from almost any material.

We specialize in precise machining as well as assembly of complex parts. Our mission is to produce high-quality, machined parts that meet our customers requirements at a competitive price.

Our capabilities includes cnc turning,cnc milling,grinding,EDM,cnc wire cut and Water Jet cutting.

List Of Machinery

1- CNC Machining Center 5 Axis (4+1) of Dahlih Taiwan. Working Dimensions 720mmx500mmx550mm with 10,000rpm & 16 Tools ATC

2- CNC Machining Center of Dahlih Taiwan. Working Dimensions 1020mmx500mmx550mm with 8,000rpm & 26 Tools ATC

3- CNC Machining Center of KIWA Japan. Working Dimensions 510mmx450x500m with 8000rpm & 16 Tools ATC

4- CNC Milling Machine of KNUTH Germany. Working Dimensions 900mmx550mmx550mm with 6000rpm

5- 3D Laser Scanner of ROLAND with Scanning Dimensions Diameter 250mm & Height 350mm.

6- 3D Printer of WEISTEK CO Ltd. Printing Capacity 210mmx180mmx200mm